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GCO can provide you with that hunt of a lifetime. Take a look at what we have to offer.

Kansas Buck

kansas buck

At GCO we have some of the best whitetail hunting in Kansas. These deer have a very abundant food source that provides them the nutrition to grow the big heavy racks we all dream about. We are fortunate enough to have properties that produce some great mature bucks. Our properties are managed in a low pressure manner to minimize any outside factors that may be detrimental to normal deer activity. We utilize feeders, mineral sites, and food plots to supplement their nutritional needs to keep them healthy and maximize their growth.


Turkeys? Well there is no shortage of them at GCO. Our properties have huge flocks of turkeys that allow us some great spring hunting. Big gobblers are very abundant and can be hunted in a variety of terrain. Here in Kansas, you are allowed two gobblers in the spring. With the ability to feed turkeys, this help us keep them in the key areas. We look forward to putting you on a hunt of a lifetime! 

Kansas archery
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