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Ronnie Phillips 180 in Buck
Climbing Sticks

Kansas Whitetail

We want you to be involved in the hunt and not just be put in a stand and told "hunt here". Our deer hunts consist of five days of hunting with the option to come a day prior to tour properties and set stands to best accommodate the upcoming conditions and your preferences. If you wish to not set stands, we will gladly have them all set and ready for you upon your arrival. Current trail camera pictures will be provided to you to aid in deciding which stand to utilize or which area to hunt. We do not have a minimum inch requirement, but highly recommend harvesting a minimum of a 140" buck. This is your hunt, so when you see that buck that you are looking for, take your shot. After the deer has been harvested, we will assist you in the tracking of the trophy and get him back to the cleaning shack to be processed. The deer will be caped for mounting  and quartered up for you to transport back home.


5 day hunt - (with option to help set up a day prior) -$3500.00 

Lodging, capping and quartering is included. (No meals included. Our lodge is fully equipped for you to cook all of your meals.)

Kansas hunting license

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